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What Grinds My Gears about the Security

Entertainment Editor

Published: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Updated: Monday, February 27, 2012 01:02

When it comes to campus security, some students wonder what they're really doing with their jobs. Check out what these UB students had to say about what grinds their gears with UB's security.

"When I press my PAL and they don't come at all,"

-Alexandrea Feaster, sophomore

"How they have favorites. So they would check one person's ID and won't check the ones they're friends with,"

-Trisha Bartholomew, sophomore

"Their attitude grinds my gears. You ask them a question and they respond with an attitude,"

-Kristen McDowell, junior

"When security guards jump to conclusions,"

-Rachel Rambo, sophomore

"When they take too long to come after you press your PAL,"

-Dani Gomez, junior

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